10th August 2020

As the sun begins to break through the Winter grey and bring forth the warmth of Spring, we welcome a burst of sunny colour into our interiors with the hottest colour there is – saffron yellow.

More than simply sunny, saffron is somehow more profound – like the exotic spice itself – hand harvested, individual, expensive.

The depth of saffron gives it a unique glow that draws from surrounding colour tones in interiors to create a sophisticated palette – offset by the dark timbers of handmade or antique furniture, natural straw tones of a woven jute floor rug, or punctuated with a contemporary monochrome artwork.

“Like a burst of flavour to a plain risotto, inject a hit of saffron into your interiors.”

Why we’re crushing on saffron

  1. Saffron says summer: Think of sunny days lying on the beach under a bright saffron yellow umbrella
  2. Saffron lifts a colour scheme to new heights: For a refined look, pair it with a mix of soft browns and sandy beiges, natural timbers and crisp white linen sheets.
  3. Saffron is bold: A must-have bright pop of colour in a feature wall, statement armchair, block-printed throw cushion or textured wall hanging

“Saffron yellow adds sunshine wherever it sits – whether in a bright new shower curtain, sunny vase or a bowl full of fresh lemons – embrace its warmth.”