10th August 2020

Nothing says spring like fresh leaves bursting through the earth and nature is a great place to start when choosing colours for your home with which to live, love and nurture your spirit.

“Sage green is a gentle, nurturing colour equally at home in a contemporary minimal space and a modern country setting.”

Right now we’re loving sage green for its ability to transform plain interiors into colourful spaces without plunging too far into the colour spectrum. A serene grey-green that sits alongside silvery eucalyptus tones, sage green is a refined, natural colour to include in your decorating palette that pairs well with natural stone, timber and slate grey – making it a wonderful choice in any room.

Why we love sage green

1. Sage green is a subtle introduction of colour

Think of sage green as a gateway from which to embark on a gentle colour journey. A room or feature wall painted in this pastel hue is far easier to live with than stronger lime or emerald tones so is a perfect choice for a lighter-weight throw on the living room sofa or bedroom across the master bed. In the kitchen sage green works beautifully in enamelware – pots, pans, storage bins and all kinds of ceramic wares. Working beautifully with timber, sage green desk accessories make a great choice for your home office.

2. Sage green comes from nature

Whilst most colours occur in nature, sage green is a stunning example of how to bring the outside in. Use it with other natural finishes – a marble benchtop above sage green cabinetry, or a pale timber bedhead styled up with freshly crinkled sage green linen sheets.

In the bathroom, try choosing sage green as part of your tile colour combination – its versatility lends itself to either the cool sophistication of chrome or the rich warmth of brass tapware.

3. Sage looks fabulous with pink

It just so happens that sage green is directly opposite Millennial Pink on the colour wheel so, if like us you embraced that trend wholeheartedly and are looking to transition gradually to the next new thing in colour, the addition of accents of sage green in cushions, upholstery or on your walls will bring your interiors bang up to date without missing a beat.